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Computer Tune Up

Our Computer Tune Up is a one stop shop for your Computer. Village Computers tune ups uses the best software programs to ensure that your computer is at peak performance.

Optimize Startup & Shutdown

Optimizing your start-up and shutdown is a key feature in making sure your pc is running at Peak Performance. Having several un-used or un-wanted programs running at start up and in the background is never a plus for your computer. We’ll make sure your PC is running all the correct programs needed and have your PC starting up and opening programs like new again.

System Updates

Keeping your computer up to date is critical. We make sure your computer is completely update. Windows Updates, Driver Updates, and Software Updates included.

Disk Defragment

Disk de-fragmentation describes the process of consolidating fragmented ‑files on your computer’s hard disk. Disk Defragment is a tool that rearranges the data on your hard disk and reunites fragmented files so your computer can run more efficiently

Disk Errors & Disk Clean Up

A Hard Disk Error check will scan your computers Hard Disk to find and repair system ‑files and errors. Running Disk Clean-Up will free up hard disk space by removing ignored, unused and temporary files. During this time, we will also take the time to remove any Registry errors or issues your computer has encountered. Making sure the registry is clean is an important issue for any computer’s optimization.

Remove Component & Fan Dust

Removing Component & Fan Dust from inside the case of your PC is routine maintenance that we will take care of on all our computer tune up services.