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Data Recovery

Unfortunately, storage systems fail, files can be accidentally (or purposely) deleted and other disastrous situations causing widespread data loss can occur. Fortunately, Village Computers has partnered up with some of the best data recovery specialists in the industry and can recover data from devices that sustain even the most extreme levels of mechanical failure and physical damage.  Contact us today and let us help you recover those important pictures/files.


Remote Services

Data recovery performed remotely through an Internet connection. This service performs lab-quality recovery right on your server, laptop or desktop bringing the data back online in a fraction of the time it takes to restore from a backup. Remote Services are available when hardware is functioning normally. 

In-Lab Services

Data recovery performed in a secure clean room and lab – designed for opening hard drives and other devices without risk of contamination. In-lab services are offered in any situation in which the hardware is physically failing or damaged.

On-Site Services

Data recovery performed at your location by Ontrack Data Recovery engineers for the most critical and sensitive data loss situations.

Custom Solutions

Data recovery for your proprietary and/or highly complex systems. Our R&D team works with your developers or IT staff to create customized recovery tools to extract your lost data.

Below is a list of key questions to we will need answers too. These questions will help identify problems and the best solutions to meet your needs. As a Kroll Ontrack Authorized Service Partner, we will also need the answers to these questions to expedite the data recovery process for faster and more efficient results.

What operating system are you using?

What type of system is the problem occurring on? (Desktop, laptop, server, etc.)

What file system are you using? (FAT, NTFS, etc.)

What is the storage capacity of the drive?

Is your system suffering from mechanical problems? For example, is the drive spinning, clicking or grinding? (If so, In-lab service will be required and you must send in their hard drive.)

How critical or urgent is your data need? (This enables you to determine the service option that best suits your needs).

Will this data be used in litigation or other legal matters?

Contact us and we can assist you with the process.